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Evel Knievel Grand Canyon Machine (1968)

By May 8, 2012Motorcycles

I bought this magazine just for the cover. I turned a few pages and lo and behold – an article about Bob “Evel” Knievel and his plan to jump the Grand Canyon with “twin delta wings and a rocket section on the tail.” Now I know what it must have felt like to discover the Dead Sea Scrolls. Sort of sad…I’ll never top this one.

Evel Knievel Grand Canyon Machine (1968) (4)


Evel Knievel Grand Canyon Machine (1968) (2)

“It will reach 250 miles an hour soaring over the Canyon with its twin jet engines and nitro burning Bonneville engine. It will accelerate to 158 miles an hour in 3.7 seconds.”
– evel knievel on his plans to jump the grand canyon

Evel Knievel Grand Canyon Machine (1968) (3)

Evel Knievel Grand Canyon Machine (1968) (1)

From Evel Knievel / Wikipedia:

For the next several years, Knievel would negotiate with the U.S. government to secure a jumping site and develop various concept bikes to make the jump. However, the U.S. Department of Interior denied him airspace over the Grand Canyon. Therefore, in 1971, Knievel switched his attention to the Snake River Canyon.

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