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Walter Iooss :: New 60’s Finds

By September 27, 2011Photography

Walter Iooss:Ruben Carter, N.J, 1963

Walter Iooss: Ali vs Terrell, Houston, 1967

Walter Iooss: Juan Marichal, Philadelphia, 1961


Walter Iooss: Y.A. Tittle vs The Cowboys, Dallas, 1965

Conversations With Walter Iooss from Redworld Films on Vimeo.

Legendary sports photographer shares some 60’s finds. Including sport icons: Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Y.A. Tittle, Juan Marichal and Ruben “Hurricane” Carter.

I’ve always felt the moment. People call me lucky, and luck is a wonderful attribute. But it’s more – it’s a sense somehow. It’s inexplicable, it happens. It’s a feeling and you just move into that direction. Someone once said that wherever I am is the perfect picture. I didn’t like the way it sounded but I believe that. It’s not that I’m positive of it deep down inside, it’s that I have to believe it. When you make that decision – ‘This is the place to go’ – you’ve got to live with it. There’s no alternative.
– Walter Iooss

+ Source: Walter Iooss :: New 60’s Finds