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Four Old-Timey Golf Balls

By August 11, 2011Sports & Outdoors

Four Old-Timey Golf Balls - Antique Athlete

Four antique golf balls from Antique Athlete. I especially like the Spalding Bramble golf ball.  Spalding Bramble – that sounds like some mythical golfer from yonder days.

1. ITEM 4: 1920’s Square Mesh Golf Ball, made by U.S. Royal.
This is an outstanding, vintage golf ball! Made by U.S. Royal the model name is Electronic. Price $250

2. 1940-50’s Dunlop 65 Golf Ball.
This is a superb, vintage golf ball. It was made in England by Dunlop. Price $90

3. 1901 Spalding “Bramble” Gutty Golf Ball.
This is an exceptional vintage golf ball. This is one of the earliest golf balls that Spalding produced and it has remained in exceptional condition. Price $450

4. Turn of the Century Practice Golf Ball.
Very scarce antique golf ball is similar in style to a bramble ball but is soft, pliable and much lighter.Price $200

+ Source: Four Old-Timey Golf Balls :: Antique Athlete