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David Clark Headphones

By July 2, 2011Art + Design, Gear

If it was good enough for Bo – it’s good enough for me.


Before there were Motorola and AT&T headsets, (and the boat-load of sponsor money they threw at sports) there was the classic David Clark headset. From Bo Schembechler to Bud Grant, these were standard issue for football coaches in both college and the NFL back in the 60s and 70s. The Right Stuff – used by commercial pilots and Apollo astronauts.

The powdered pee-green is so ugly it’s beautiful in a I-don’t-care-what-they-look-like-as-long-as-they-work way. So why doesn’t David Clark issue these in different colors and go hard after the consumer market? Give Dr. Dre/Monster/Beats a run for their mountain of money.