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1934 Lou Gehrig Tour of Japan Game Worn Uniform

By July 29, 2011Sports & Outdoors

Sold for $507,875.00

1934 Lou Gehrig Tour of Japan Game Worn Uniform.

The Gehrig uniform sold for $507,875.00 on August 4, 2011 1.

Description from Heritage Auction:

“1934 Lou Gehrig Tour of Japan Game Worn Uniform. Representing the highlight of what is unquestionably the most significant hobby find of this young decade, the presented uniform ends a widely debated mystery and brings this Platinum Night auction squarely into the crosshairs of the hobby’s most serious and advanced uniform collectors.

Only a tiny handful of uniforms from the game’s most noteworthy foreign excursion have been unearthed in the seventy-five years since Ruth, Gehrig, Foxx and about a dozen other American Tourists steamed back to our shores, the Babe’s commanding more than three quarters of a million dollars in a 2005 auction. But even before Ruth’s personal model established its mark as the highest price ever paid at auction for an exhibition baseball uniform, hobbyists wondered where, and if, Lou Gehrig’s might be found.”


1 Expensive? Sure. But, you just can’t find flannel of this quality anymore. I’ve looked.

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