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Riding a Royal Enfield in the Shadow of Giants

By April 19, 2014Motorcycles, Videos

While traveling home from Sri Lanka, filmmaker Andrew David Watson decided to check out Ladakh, an isolated mountain region in the most northern tip of India. Even though it was the end of winter there, he was able to rent a 350cc Royal Enfield to do some exploring, and ride in the shadow of giants.

Riding a Royal Enfield in the Shadow of Giants

“I wasn’t planning to make a short film. I only had my 5d, a few lenses, a still photo tripod and myself. Yet the beauty, isolation and impression of the mountains of Ladakh didn’t let that happen.”
– andrew david watson


Andrew David Watson: Filming this was a lot of fun, minus some freezing cold mornings. It was just my camera, a Royal Enfield and myself. I was totally solo. I would set up a shot, ride away then ride through the frame. Since it’s a really remote area I didn’t have to worry about anyone taking my camera! Whether its bicycles or motorcycles, I often prefer to ride alone, as I find it extremely relaxing and freeing. This adventure was the perfect example of realizing how insignificant you are compared to the great wilderness and mountains of the world.

+ Source: The Low Season :: By Andrew David Watson