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1919 Willard vs. Dempsey Pinback :: Heritage Auctions

By October 30, 2011Sports & Outdoors

1919 Willard vs. Dempsey Pinback

HA Sports always has well-researched content to go along with their auction lots. Pretty-gruesome one below of the 1919 Willard vs. Dempsey fight.

1919 Willard vs. Dempsey Pinback. The first example we’ve ever encountered of this rare pinback sold at the historic bout in which Jack Dempsey first claimed the Heavyweight title. Dempsey so badly injured the much larger defending Champ–a broken jaw, broken ribs, several broken teeth and numerous fractures to his facial bones–that many suspected Dempsey’s gloves were “loaded,” though respected Ring Magazine founder Nat Fleischer provided a first-person refutation of these allegations. The celluoid pin measures 1.25″ in diameter and remains affixed to its patriotic American flag ribbon, a nod to the Independence Day celebration sharing the date.

+ Source: 1919 Willard vs. Dempsey Pinback :: Heritage Auctions