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This bicycle prototype from Flying Machine and owner/designer Matt Andrew features unique titanium tubing joined with 3D printed titanium lugs. Allowing, in Matt words, “For infinite flexibility and all bikes to have personal and tailored geometry.”

3D Printed Titanium: New F1 Prototype By Flying Machine

“Making this bicycle a reality became just a bit of an obsession. We are amongst the very first to embrace 3D Printing for bike building and firmly believe this amazing technology is the way of the future.”
– matt andrew :: owner and designer at flying machine



Inspired by his client’s IWC Ocean timepiece, this BMW R80 was completely restored by Franco “Frank” Augello of SuMisura, Milan Italy. In this post, Frank gives some background on this build, and why he started SuMisura.

1986 BMW R80 - "GULP IWC" :: By SuMisura

“A BMW will leave from my workshop where it has been transformed and personalized with much love and dedication, as if it were mine – pampered and revitalized.”
– frank augello


El Rancho Deluxe: tasty morsels of speed, sport and design. Curated by our crack team of contributors – including Megadeluxe viewers. Drop us a line here if you see something out there El Rancho Deluxe worthy, or if you’re an artist, designer, craftsman or a small company with a story to tell.
Some of today’s finds:
Deadly days of board-track racing, why Ayrton Senna was so fast, deserted Mercedes, Volugrafo “Bimbo 46”, Han Solo DL-44 Blaster, Morgan Factory tour, and a new BMW build from SuMisura.


Los Deluxe :: 15 March 2014


For the past few months we’ve been experimenting with rubber stamps to make our own t-shirts. But like Edison and the lightbulb, we had a few dozen spectacular failures. (Do not worry, only distant relatives were harmed in the process). Using traditional rubber material (that we laser-cut to get exceptional detail) and an in-house secret fabric ink formula – we’ve nailed down the process of making a unique t-shirt.
The cool thing: each time you ink up the rubber stamp, the tee comes out a little bit different. No two of these t-shirts will ever be the same, and we like it that way: perfect imperfection.

Megadeluxe Rubber Stamped T-Shirt: Perfect Imperfection"

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Megadeluxe Rubber Stamped T-Shirt: Perfect Imperfection
Megadeluxe Rubber Stamped T-Shirt: Perfect Imperfection

+ Source: Megadeluxe Rubber Stamped T-Shirt


Last night I received this mysterious email from renowned motorcycle builder/artist Chicara Nagata.
Subject line: “Security camera!?!?”  Just that subject line and an attachment. Uh, okay. So I opened it…low and behold I see it’s a Sony/Honda hybrid of a HD security camera and vintage motorcycle…I had to pick up my jaw off the floor.
In my line of work, it’s best to never question the motive of a true artist – I just let the art flow over me.

1966 Little Honda P25 :: CA6 By Chicara Nagata

“Every project, I encounter many, many problems. I can’t count how many times I give up to make motorcycle. But I noticed that, ‘If we don’t give up, we can make it.’ In another words, we can make the impossible…possible. This is what I learn from making motorcycles, but still on the way.”
– chicara


Michael Kleeman of Motofication prefers steel frames for his singlespeed/fixed gear bikes. Produced by a framebuilder in Amsterdam, the frames are rusted or blackfinished, covered with a special wax.


“I prefer classic 1” luged steel frames. You have the best few on the frame if there are no brakes, shifters, gears etc. So I was always excited on the singlespeed/fixed gear idea.”
– michael kleeman


We’re bringing Los Deluxe and giving it a new name: El Rancho Deluxe. Tasty morsels of speed, sport and design. Curated by our crack team of contributors – including Megadeluxe viewers. Drop us a line here if you see something out there El Rancho Deluxe worthy, or if you’re an artist, designer, craftsman or a small company with a story to tell.

Los Deluxe :: 09 March 2014


When I get an email from Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles, I always get a bit excited – it’s like getting the ultimate care package. Once again, Richard did not disappoint: a makeover for a Steve McQueen Limited-Edition Triumph. The other bonus about receiving a build story from Richard: being a natural storyteller, he knows how to spin a yarn. So, I give you the story of this build as told by Richard himself.

Steve McQueen Limited-Edition Triumph

“Steve McQueen liked bikes and cars, not because it enhanced his celebrity, but because he was a gearhead first. He bankrolled ‘On Any Sunday’ not for himself, but rather to promote the fun and camaraderie of motorcycle racing and riding, and also to showcase the guys that were his true heroes.”
– richard pollock


Matt Musial and Bill Twitchel own and operate Austin Paintworks in Austin, Texas. When they first sent me photos of this Czech made scooter called a Cezeta I was completely dumbfounded. About ten seconds later – I wanted one.

1958 CZ Cezeta 501

“It was a common joke amongst Cezeta riders that the exposed front tank with built-in headlight formed an explosive warhead and detonator for the torpedo, though in practice the Cezetas proved no more likely to catch fire than any other motor scooter, even in serious collisions.”
– wikipedia

Clarks Classics – Collection by Megadeluxe




Designer Jeremy Lacy made his way to Portland to catch the The One Motorcycle Show 2014. Lucky for us, Jeremy took a bunch of picts and sketched like a mad man. Mega thanks to Jeremy!

One Motorcycle Show 2014


“Twinline’s ‘99ZRX was a real inspiration for getting my own ZRX project finished and Holiday Custom’s Honda was probably my personal favorite bike of the show. I got to meet Jared and show him the sketch I did of his bike.”
– jeremy lacy


Crows are the ingenious tweakers of the animal world. I’ve been witness to their MacGyver-like stunts: in our neighborhood, I recently came across a flock of crows who dive bomb into nut trees. Once they’ve knocked a few down, they park themselves on a telephone wire and patiently wait for cars to run over and crack open these newly-felled nuts. Once the coast is clear, they then swoop down and eat their freshly-cracked meal. I had read about this crow behavior, but to see it in person is beyond surreal.
So, when I saw this video from the Inside the Animal Mind – BBC about a crow being given a complex problem to solve, I wasn’t surprised that the crow nailed it. But still, mind…totally blown.



If you can’t smell the sweet scent of burnt rubber, and exhaust coming off these epic photos from Dirk Behlau then you are indeed trapped inside a hermetically-sealed chamber of dullness.

Mopars at the Strip!
Mopars at the Strip!

“Mopars at The Strip is an all-Chrysler drag race, car show, swap meet and manufacturers midway held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, USA.”
– dirk behlau