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New Megadeluxe t-shirts – inspired by our appreciation of classic racing posters of the 1930s and 1940s. Once again we commissioned artist Damian King to work his “speed” design aesthetic. (We must have had twenty long conversations alone on the look and feel of our thirties racing car). If you like this tee, order one soon since Damian’s last design for us (a limited-edition t-shirt) sold-out within days.
Offering two verisons: silver-gray, and slate gray. Jersey short sleeve is made by American Apparel.
Pre-order a Grand Prix Race silver t-shirt here, or a slate gray one here. For a limited time, get free shipping. (Offer good until April 24th).

Grand Prix Racing - Gray T-Shirt

Megadeluxe T-Shirt
Megadeluxe T-Shirt


New Prototipo chronographs from Autodromo. I dig two things about Bradley Price and his company Autodromo. One, his encyclopedic knowledge of motorsport history – we go back and forth on Instagram and he never fails to add detail to a vintage car or race. Second, Autodromo: his racing inspired line of watches and accoutrements (gloves and sunglasses) are spot on in both detail and style. The Prototipo line continues on this path. Bradley just sent a recent Autodromo shoot from France. Jealousy ensues.

Prototipo Chronograph By Autodromo

“The Protoype Era in racing was a time that saw legendary drivers compete in equally legendary machines. Fast, colorful and dangerous, Prototype cars ushered in the modern technological age of endurance racing, and wrote the final chapter in the long tradition of open road racing in Europe.”


Once upon a time (about twenty years ago) I worked at Fedex loading planes. It was the most fun, dangerous (nice scar by my eye) and physically exhausting job I ever had: driving tugs and forklifts around multi-million dollar jets. Good gear was essential, in fact your life depended on it. Slipping off an icy platform was potential for great harm. It’s when I first started wearing steel-toed Red Wing boots. If you’ve ever worn Red Wings, you swear by them…might be the main reason I still have eleven toes.
Video shot in London, featuring Gabor, James and a few Londoners speak about their Red Wing Shoes.



El Rancho Deluxe: tasty morsels of speed, sport and design. Curated by our crack team of contributors – including Megadeluxe viewers. Drop us a line here if you see something out there El Rancho Deluxe worthy, or if you’re an artist, designer, craftsman or a small company with a story to tell.
Some of today’s finds: A couple of Broughs, Staghead Moto video, stylish rain scarf, super-hotrod, lush motorcycle luggage, personal drone, one bike dock like no other, a lovely ax, the oldest existing Porsche, deluxe collection of Red Wing shoes, and a few more surprises and finds thrown in at no extra-charge.


Los Deluxe :: 27 March 2014


For the jet-set, what other place in the world epitomized the swinging Sixties more than Monaco? For this auction, we decided to pick a few head-turning supercars that would have easily graced the streets of Monte Carlo back in the late Sixties.
RMS Auctions – MONACO 10 May 2014

Six Swinging Sixties Supercars From The Monaco Auction

“That each of these cars (five Italians, and one Japanese model) screams “Sexy Beast” is merely a reflection of the times.”
– w.


I spend far too much time sifting through endless sites looking for builders and bikes. I was taking in a German motorcycle show when I came across this Kawasaki and I immediately knew I had to track down this builder. Tomotors Race Machines is a one-man company from East Germany owned by a secretive builder aptly named Tom. (He didn’t offer his last name and I didn’t ask). Tom is a Kawasaki dealer, and has been building motocross racing machines for 25 years. Photos by Kyle Reim Photography
Update: Tom really does have a last name: Große.

1999 Kawasaki W650 :: Kawa East / Tomotors


After the loss of the Safari Rally from the World Rally Championship in 2002, rally enthusiasts got together to recreate the nostalgia of “The Safari”. The idea of this rally: allow classic cars built before 1974, and to avoid the powerful turbo charged and 4WD drive cars. Held every two years, the next East African Safari Rally happens in 2015.

Porsche 911 at the East African Safari Rally



This bicycle prototype from Flying Machine and owner/designer Matt Andrew features unique titanium tubing joined with 3D printed titanium lugs. Allowing, in Matt words, “For infinite flexibility and all bikes to have personal and tailored geometry.”

3D Printed Titanium: New F1 Prototype By Flying Machine

“Making this bicycle a reality became just a bit of an obsession. We are amongst the very first to embrace 3D Printing for bike building and firmly believe this amazing technology is the way of the future.”
– matt andrew :: owner and designer at flying machine



Inspired by his client’s IWC Ocean timepiece, this BMW R80 was completely restored by Franco “Frank” Augello of SuMisura, Milan Italy. In this post, Frank gives some background on this build, and why he started SuMisura.

1986 BMW R80 - "GULP IWC" :: By SuMisura

“A BMW will leave from my workshop where it has been transformed and personalized with much love and dedication, as if it were mine – pampered and revitalized.”
– frank augello


El Rancho Deluxe: tasty morsels of speed, sport and design. Curated by our crack team of contributors – including Megadeluxe viewers. Drop us a line here if you see something out there El Rancho Deluxe worthy, or if you’re an artist, designer, craftsman or a small company with a story to tell.
Some of today’s finds:
Deadly days of board-track racing, why Ayrton Senna was so fast, deserted Mercedes, Volugrafo “Bimbo 46”, Han Solo DL-44 Blaster, Morgan Factory tour, and a new BMW build from SuMisura.


Los Deluxe :: 15 March 2014


For the past few months we’ve been experimenting with rubber stamps to make our own t-shirts. But like Edison and the lightbulb, we had a few dozen spectacular failures. (Do not worry, only distant relatives were harmed in the process). Using traditional rubber material (that we laser-cut to get exceptional detail) and an in-house secret fabric ink formula – we’ve nailed down the process of making a unique t-shirt.
The cool thing: each time you ink up the rubber stamp, the tee comes out a little bit different. No two of these t-shirts will ever be the same, and we like it that way: perfect imperfection.

Megadeluxe Rubber Stamped T-Shirt: Perfect Imperfection"

Get yourself one of these rubber stamped tees at our online store ▸

Megadeluxe Rubber Stamped T-Shirt: Perfect Imperfection
Megadeluxe Rubber Stamped T-Shirt: Perfect Imperfection

+ Source: Megadeluxe Rubber Stamped T-Shirt


Last night I received this mysterious email from renowned motorcycle builder/artist Chicara Nagata.
Subject line: “Security camera!?!?”  Just that subject line and an attachment. Uh, okay. So I opened it…low and behold I see it’s a Sony/Honda hybrid of a HD security camera and vintage motorcycle…I had to pick up my jaw off the floor.
In my line of work, it’s best to never question the motive of a true artist – I just let the art flow over me.

1966 Little Honda P25 :: CA6 By Chicara Nagata

“Every project, I encounter many, many problems. I can’t count how many times I give up to make motorcycle. But I noticed that, ‘If we don’t give up, we can make it.’ In another words, we can make the impossible…possible. This is what I learn from making motorcycles, but still on the way.”
– chicara